University Oaks is owned and operated by Campus Living Villages (CLV), a private third-party company that is a separate legal entity from UTSA. CLV is a lessee of UTSA pursuant to a certain ground lease. 
While located on the UTSA campus grounds, University Oaks operates under different contractual instruments and provides for different lease agreements than those of residential housing owned and operated by UTSA. As with any legal document, prospective residents are highly encouraged to carefully review and consider the specific obligations and terms of any lease agreement. 
Please note that UTSA assumes no liability or other responsibility of any kind with respect to any such CLV lease agreements. All lease obligations remain the responsibility of the tenant and not UTSA, regardless of whether an academic term is delayed, interrupted, and/or delivered totally or partially online.

Since UTSA Housing and Residence Life and University Oaks are separate entities, please note that there are cancellation deadlines and fees associated with transferring between the two companies.
If you have questions regarding any such CLV lease agreements, please contact University Oaks management directly.

CLV Owned & Managed

  Convenient parking to each apartment building

   Only full in-unit kitchens on campus

 Only pet-friendly community on campus

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