November 18, 2021

(message sent directly to Chisholm Hall residents)

Dear Chisholm Hall residents,

Over the past few days we have been sharing information with you regarding the burglaries at Chisholm Hall this week and how the university and the UTSA Police Department are responding. While our intention is to provide you with as much information as possible, we know that some of you may still have questions or concerns that you’d like addressed.

This afternoon, Interim UTSA Police Chief Stephanie Schoenborn and Daniel Gockley, Executive Director of UTSA Housing and Residence Life, will be at Chisholm Hall and available to speak with you directly about the matter. This will be an informal gathering, held at the Activity Center, and you can come-and-go as your schedule permits. Chief Schoenborn and Mr. Gockley will be available from 4:00pm to 6:00pm.

Since a criminal investigation is underway, there will be some information that they will not be able to disclose. However, it is important that you have the opportunity to speak directly with those who have oversight for investigating the incident and for implementing any corrective security actions. Please drop by if you have a chance.

Also, we have established a web page to provide ongoing updates about the situation. We encourage you to check regularly for the latest information.

We look forward to seeing you this afternoon.

UTSA Housing and Residence Life

November 17, 2021

(message posted to Campus Alerts and sent directly to Chisholm Hall residents)

Dear Chisholm Hall residents,

Last night we shared information with you regarding steps that have been taken to address safety measures at Chisholm Hall following room burglaries earlier this week. Among those steps is a full security assessment of the property, which began immediately after the first reports were made to police.

Here is what we have learned so far from our assessment and ongoing criminal investigation:

  • The master key card that was used to gain access to the rooms was taken from the Chisholm Hall office located in the Activity Center, where it was not properly secured. All master keys have been replaced and put in a secure electronic ‘key warden’ system, and staff has been instructed on these additional protocols and procedures.
  • Although there are cameras in Chisholm Hall, equipment and protocol failures prevented recording and monitoring. It is necessary to upgrade those cameras to provide greater functionality and we have already reached out to the vendor to address improvements.

Based on what we know so far from this assessment, and as the criminal investigation continues, we will be taking additional steps to include an evaluation of security measures at all of our on-campus residence halls.

Your safety and well-being are our top concerns, and we promise to keep you updated on the investigation’s progress via email and at

Also, a reminder that if you see any suspicious activity anytime on campus, immediately call UTSA Police at 210.458.4242. We also encourage you to download the UTSA LiveSafe app to connect directly with police.


Stephanie Schoenborn
Interim Chief of Police
UTSA Police Department


Daniel Gockley
Executive Director
UTSA Housing and Residence Life

November 16, 2021

(message posted to Campus Alerts and sent directly to Chisholm Hall residents)

Dear Chisholm Hall residents,

Like you, we are all deeply concerned about the security breach at Chisholm Hall early yesterday morning. Your safety and security are our greatest priority and, from the beginning of this incident, university leadership at the highest levels has been involved in addressing this very serious matter.

Here are the immediate steps we have taken to ensure your safety and increase security:

  • UTSA police officers and security guards are maintaining a visible presence at Chisholm Hall and we have increased police patrols around the residence hall for an added layer of protection;
  • Access to Chisholm Hall and the Activity Center have been thoroughly secured. All access control systems and door locks have been checked to ensure they are functioning properly;
  • All master key cards have been replaced and their PIN codes updated;
  • Resident assistants are conducting additional walk-throughs and building checks each evening;
  • The UTSA Police Department has assigned several criminal investigators to the case and they are pursuing all leads that have been brought forward; and
  • We are conducting a full safety assessment of Chisholm Hall.

Even as we take these steps, we encourage you to download the UTSA LiveSafe app so you can stay in direct touch with UTSA Police and share any concerns you may have.

As the investigation continues, we will proactively provide updates to you via email and at

For questions or assistance, students and their family members may contact me directly at 210.458.6200 or via, ATTN Daniel Gockley.

Again, please know that we take your safety very seriously and are working tirelessly to resolve this case and protect your well-being.

Daniel Gockley
Executive Director, UTSA Housing and Residence Life

November 15, 2021

(message posted to Campus Alerts)

Early this morning, UTSA Police responded to reports of several room burglaries at the Chisholm Hall student housing complex. After initial interviews, it was determined that there was a breach of security in nine rooms though the unauthorized use of a master key card. The burglaries appear to be limited to a few items, some of which were recovered at the scene. No one was harmed during the incidents.

UTSA senior leadership was immediately notified of the incidents and is fully engaged in the matter. University leadership has directed the reinforcement of security measures at Chisholm and the reprogramming of all master key cards. Additional staff has also been assigned to assist students with any support services or resources they may need. Police patrols have also been increased.

Witnesses have provided police with descriptions of two male suspects of unknown race, light complexion, lean build, one wearing a red hoodie jacket and one wearing a white hoodie jacket. Investigators are currently pursuing leads regarding their identities and how they were able to obtain a master key card.

This is an active investigation and anyone with information regarding the burglaries is urged to call the UTSA Police Department at 210.458.4242. Remember, always be aware of your surroundings.

For questions or assistance, students and their family members may contact Dan Gockley, executive director of UTSA Housing & Residence Life, at 210.458.6200 or via