UTSA Housing Move-In Fall 2021

We are excited to welcome you to your new home in campus housing!

Move-In will take place between Monday, August 16, 2021 and Friday, August 20, 2021 and will be staggered by property. Please review this information carefully so that you may plan accordingly for your arrival to campus.

Move-In Schedule

Monday, August 16: Guadalupe Hall
Tuesday, August 17: Alvarez and Chisholm Hall
Wednesday and Thursday, August 18 & 19: Chaparral Village
Friday, August 20: Laurel Village

Residents must sign up for a time slots within your specific move-in date so we can control numbers and traffic flow.

Move in will be a drive-through process starting in BK lot 5 for key pickup and then will be routed to specific parking lots for unloading.

Mandatory COVID Testing

Housing residents will participate in mandatory on-site COVID-19 testing during the move-in process. More information on required the required testing program is available on the COVID-19 Testing page.

General Check-In Information

All student check-ins will take place by appointment only. All assigned students will receive appointment time sign-up options on Friday, July 30, 2021 to their active email account (the active email listed on your ASAP). Please be sure to select the check-in option and appointment that will best suit your needs when you receive this email. Students should only sign-up for their appointment time using their UTSA email account.

In order to check-in, please bring a valid ID. If you have not yet received your UTSA ID, please bring a government issued ID, passport, or high school photo ID.

Upon Arrival, to ensure proper social distancing, Each student should bring no more than 2 people to assist with moving in their items. If you arrive prior to your appointment time, please be patient waiting for your turn, upon entering the buildings please practice social distancing.

To ensure the safety and comfort of all students moving in, please adhere to following during your move-in process:

  • Masks are strongly recommended!
  • Minimize close contact with others - practice social distancing!
  • Visitors/Helpers - outside of assisting with move-in, no visitors or guests from off campus are permitted in the residential areas.
  • Elevators and stairwells. Please use stairs when possible, especially when coming downstairs.
  • Reach out to your roommates! Communicate about when you plan to move-in so you can coordinate with each other.

Staggered Move-In (August 16 - 20)

Below are the steps for Move-In

1. Sign-Up for a Staggered Move-In appointment time
2. On your appointment date and time, check-in at BK Lot 5
3. You'll be provided with your temporary access card for assigned room until you obtain your UTSA ID
4. Moving into your room

  • When you enter your unit, make sure to knock and announce yourself upon entry in case you have suite-mates that are moving or moved-in
  • Please do not enter any other rooms in the unit
  • Please clean and disinfect any areas your move-in help may have touched while moving-in (surfaces, light switches, knobs, etc.)
  • Move-in helpers should depart once your items are moved-in

5. Complete your Unit Condition Form Online within 24-hours of checking-in
6. Starting on August 23rd, bring your UTSA ID to your assigned housing office to receive your permanent room key programmed to your UTSA ID.
7. Settle in and have a great fall semester!

What to Bring...What NOT to Bring?

Select your assigned residential area below:

Chaparral Village

Laurel Village

Guadalupe Hall

Chisholm Hall

Alvarez Hall

Safety & Covid-19 Protocols

For information about Roadrunner Return and UTSA Housing Covid-19 specific protocols, select from the links below.


Email move-in questions to us at studenthousing@utsa.edu