Special Interest Housing

Special Interest Housing (SIH) promotes the academic and personal development of the students living in the selected community* by allowing students with common interests to live together in a supportive environment. SIH serves as a significant educational resource for each student who participates in Special Interest Housing. The program aims to educate members on their special interests and to provide a welcoming environment to discuss issues. 

College of Science Living Learning Community

The College of Sciences (COS) believes that your residential experience plays a large role as you begin to discover your Science Identity here at UTSA. Our community is designed to engage you with like-minded peers within your major and other COS majors, allowing you to be part of a premier STEM community. You will engage with COS Faculty, be paired with COS Peer Mentors, and have access to specialized events within Alvarez Hall. You will have opportunities to be in additional COS Interests Groups designed around courses and experiential learning that will allow you access to research opportunities, internships, and leadership roles. Living here, you will build the foundation to become a leader among the science community within and beyond UTSA!

  • Locations for 2023-24 Alvarez Hall

Business Living Learning Community

The Business Living Learning Community (BLLC) is the place to be for first-year and current business students living on campus. As part of the BLLC, you will enjoy living in Alvarez Hall along with other business students! Our goal is to set you up to be a successful college student and professional. From meeting business faculty to networking with other peers, you will have the opportunity to build a close connection to the Alvarez College of Business and all of the resources available to business students while enjoying exclusive activities and even study sessions!

  • Locations for 2023-24 Alvarez Hall
  • Special Notes: All co-curricular programs available to students who are part of the BLLC are at no additional cost.

Engineering Freshman Interest Groups (Engineering FIGs)

Engineering FIGs (Focused Interest Groups) are groups of students who live together in the Engineering Learning Community which is co-located with the Honors Residential Community. Students are co-enrolled in the same sections of Calculus I, General Chemistry, and EPICS (Engineering Projects in Community Service). The EPICS courses (1 credit in fall and 2 credits in spring) replace your requirement to take the state mandated AIS course. An upper division Engineering student serves as the Peer Mentor for the community and arranges programs and study nights to enhance your social and academic experience at UTSA. Additionally, FIG students are provided with a Faculty Mentor who will attend several of your classes and interact with you outside the classroom. The FIG provides you with a built-in study group as well as an immediate connection to other engineering students and faculty. All students accepted into the FIG will be considered part of the Engineering Honors program which provides benefits such as early registration. Engineering FIG students are not required to take special Honors course sections or meet other Honors College requirements; however, students can choose to take advantage of other Honors College programs. Each student accepted to the Engineering FIG will receive a scholarship ($1500 for Bexar County residents and $1000 for non-Bexar County residents).

  • Locations for 2023-24 Guadalupe Hall
  • Special Notes: Engineering department will coordinate the course requirement component for those accepted into FIGs

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First-Gen Familia (First-Gen)

Students in the First-Gen Living & Learning Community learn all about UTSA resources, and will be part of the UTSA First to Go & Graduate (F2G&G) program.  This community (also known as a "familia") has dedicated first-gen faculty coaches, first-gen peer mentors, and the other first-gen residents that are at the core of the familia! *A first-generation student includes anyone whose parent(s) or guardian(s) has not earned a four-year bachelor's degree.

  • Locations for 2023-24 Alvarez Hall
  • Special Notes: Limited to 30 spaces

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Honors Residential College (HRC)

Honors College students reside in the Honors section of campus housing. Each member of this community participates in programs and events tailored to the Honor College mission.

2023-2024 LOCATIONS:

  • Incoming, first-year Honors students including Top and Terry scholars: Guadalupe Hall
  • Non first-year Honors students: Laurel Village
  • Special Notes: First year Honors students who live on campus live in the HRC

La Comunidad, Spanish-Language Immersion Housing (La Comunidad)

Ideal housing for any and all interested in immersing themselves in the language and culture you studied in high school or en la casa de los abuelos. Weekly activities, including conversation hours, movie nights, guest lectures, and field trips led by bilingual faculty advisors and peer mentors will help you build lasting friendships and become professionally bilingual during your time at UTSA no matter what your major. It is strongly encouraged that you be enrolled in a Spanish course each semester you are in La Comunidad.
Take a short five-minute online survey to find out if La Comunidad is right for you, then sign up, and begin making your housing count. ¡Atrévete!

  • Locations for 2023-24 Alvarez Hall
  • Special Notes: Complete a brief survey and sign up in the housing application if eligible
  • Limited to 20 spaces

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Leadership and Service (Leadership & Service)

The Leadership and Service living-learning community is a welcoming environment for aspiring student leaders who share a commitment to making a positive difference in the world. Develop an instant community with neighbors that share common interests in developing leadership skills and participating in community service activities. By joining this community, you find valuable campus connections, receive support in getting involved on campus, prepare for student leadership roles and learn about student employment opportunities.
Community members participate in a floor orientation, leadership development activities, service events, and reflections. Our staff will support you to develop and achieve your goals to lead, serve and inspire at UTSA.

  • Locations for 2023-24 Alvarez Hall

Well-Being Living & Learning Community (Well-Being LLC)

The Wellbeing Community will introduce students to the eight dimensions of personal well-being. Students participating in this community will be required to attend 8 program offerings a semester that covers at least 4 dimensions of well-being. Through these offerings (programs, workshops, and other experiences), residents will discover what well-being means to them and how to practice these dimensions in their everyday life so that they may thrive as Roadrunners. Students will also be required to complete a fitness assessment at the beginning of the Fall and end of the Spring semesters.

Participating in the Wellbeing Living Learning Community can help students establish long-lasting relationships quicker and meet new people at events tailored for them. Look no further if you’re looking for fun and active events with your community at the Recreation Center.

Community Events and Programming:
Group Fitness Classes, Demonstration Kitchens, Fitness Assessments, Group Climbing on the rock wall, Fitness Competitions, Academic Advising Workshops, Floor Socials, Financial Aid Workshops, Coffee chats with faculty, Volunteer opportunities, and much more.

Community events take place at Alvarez Hall, Campus Recreation, and other on-campus offices.

  • Locations for 2023-24 Alvarez Hall
  • Special Notes: Limited to 30 spaces

Please note that Special Interest Housing option community locations and room types can change from year to year.