Residence Life Student Employment

Roadrunners both can serve their fellow students and gain relevant job skills by becoming a member of the UTSA Housing & Residence Life team. Here are several current opportunities, in addition to our Resident Assistant Program.

Resident Assistant Program

4 Resident Life Team members sitting outside wearing white UTSA polos

Want to be an RA?

Resident Assistants (RAs) are student staff that live and work in in all communities. They provide guidance to residents living in their community and act as a reference to the UTSA culture. They are leaders in their residential communities as well as in the UTSA community.

Develop and practice leadership, critical thinking, communication, teamwork, time management and cultural awareness

Gain resumé-building experience in the "soft skills" sought by future employers

Receive complimentary housing, a meal plan and a small monthly stipend.

What's it like to be an RA? In Their Own Words

This job has given more than I could imagine. I have definitely learned to work even better in a team. I took what I learned to my group projects and when I approached them in the similar way I do with my team, I was able to forget the flaws and better focus on our goals. Meeting so many residents and other RAs with different backgrounds, helps you be more compassionate and understanding. I was, and I know I will always continue to be, able to apply these transferable skills to any position. 

“Being a part of the RA team has been a very rewarding experience to me. Not only did I make great friends and meet awesome people, they are a huge factor in the reason why I was motivated to step up as a more active part of the UTSA student body. I have grown a lot and developed so many skills that I don't think any other job could have offered me because no other job is quite like the RA one. I am proud to have been a part of the staff this year. 

RA Employment FAQs