The Carlos and Malú Alvarez Hall is one of UTSA’s more traditional residence halls and offers a unique balance of privacy and social interaction.

Housing just over 600 students in single bedrooms across four floors, Alvarez Hall features suite-style rooms with two private, fully-furnished rooms connected by a shared bathroom. Each room includes an extra-long twin bed, desk, dresser, closet and a private sink.

The hall features an open lobby, administrative offices, meeting spaces and live-in professional staff.

With spaces designed to facilitate group interaction and collaborative learning, residents have access to study lounges, multipurpose rooms, laundry facilities and a community kitchen.

Alvarez Hall is the home of many special interest housing groups, where students who share academic or personal interests live on the same floor.

Room Layout and Features

All Alvarez rooms measure approximately 338 sq. ft. and feature a private bedroom, a personal lavatory sink, and one shared bathroom.

2 Bed, 1 Bath (338 sq. ft.)

alvarez hall room floorplan

Individual Bedrooms

Semi-private Bath

In-room Personal Sink

Community Kitchen

Academic Year and Semester Rates

Academic Term (Fall & Spring):

1 Bedroom, Shared Bath: $8,778


Per Semester:

1 Bedroom, Shared Bath: $4,389

Academic Term (Fall & Spring):

1 Bedroom, Shared Bath: $9,236

Per Semester:

1 Bedroom, Shared Bath: $4,618

Room Measurements

Room Size: 88.5 sq. ft.

Living area with furniture: 8ft x 11ft

Bed                             Mattress

Max Height: 3 ft.                          Length: 84 in.

Width: 38 in.                                     Width: 36 in.      

Desk Chair                Desk

Height: 32.5 in.                                 Height: 30 in.

Width: 19.5 in.                                  Width: 26 in.

Length: 22.5 in.                                 Diameter: 24 in.

Vanity                                            Window

3 ft. wide x 2 ft. deep x 29 in. knee space                         39 in. wide x 63 in. high


3 ft. wide x 2 ft. deep

2 clothing bars: 38 in. high and 78 in. high

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Featured Hall Amenities

No extra charge - included with Alvarez Hall rates.

All Utilities Included

Laundry Rooms

Study Areas

Two Courtyards

Multipurpose Room

Community Kitchens

Apply for Housing

UTSA Housing applications for 2024-2025 Academic Year are available! Contracts will be available March 4th.