2023-2024 Housing Contract Dates

2023-2024 Academic Year Contracts for UTSA owned and managed housing communities became available  March 1. The earlier you sign the contract, the better your chances to get your preferred space and roommate. UTSA Housing tends to fill quickly and contracts are accepted on a rolling basis in the order they are received until all spaces are leased. If you know you want to live in UTSA Housing this Fall, we recommend that you complete your contract early rather than waiting for the deadline.

UPDATE AS OF APRIL 12: We have reached 100% capacity and will be moving to accepting waitlist applications. Visit our news page for updates.

*Students should only sign the contract if their plans to live on campus are finalized. Please wait to sign the contract if you are considering other options*

All Applicants Contract Completion Date Roommate Selection Room Selection
Priority Deadline for Room Selection March 19 March 1-19 March 21-24
Regular Deadline for Room Selection May 1 March 19-May 1 May 3-10
Room Assignments (for those who complete their application AFTER May 1) May 2 until 100% full Not Available Students in this category will be assigned to their space by Housing Staff on a rolling basis

*These dates are subject to change at the discretion of the department.*

It is important to note that you and your preferred roommate must meet all of the same deadlines in order to be able to match together. Students who complete their contract after May 1 will not have the ability to select a roommate or room. Housing Staff will assign students after May 1 based upon housing preferences and availability.

Students will receive important information regarding roommate selection and room selection to their UTSA student email on March 20 or May 2 depending upon the deadline they have met.

Stay Up To Date

Visit our news page for regular updates on UTSA housing availability.

Priority Deadline

To participate in the priority deadline period, applicants must complete the application and sign the contract no later than the dates which will be listed above. If an applicant does not meet the deadline, Housing and Residence Life will assign late applicants on a rolling basis. The contract does not guarantee a specific facility, room type or roommate. Housing and Residence Life will do its best to accommodate the facility, room and roommate preferences listed on the application.

Roommate Matching

Once you complete the contract, the option to match with a roommate who has also completed their contract becomes available. All roommate requests must be mutual in order to complete your assignment as a paired group. You will only be able to match with another student who has completed the contract by the same deadline as you and who has matching housing preferences. Roommate requests made outside of the deadlines are not guaranteed.
*You are only able to match with ONE other student*

Please see our Roommate Matching instructional video for more details.

Gender Inclusive Housing

Gender Inclusive Housing (GIH) is an opt-in option for residents. Those residents that opt in to GIH will only be assigned into units with other residents that also opted in to GIH. Students who opt into GIH will have their housing gender changed to "Neutral" on their application in order to remove any biases. You will only be able to match with other roommates who also indicate GIH on their application.

Please refer to our FAQs on Gender Inclusive Housing for more information.

Special Interest Housing

Special Interest Housing (SIH) promotes the academic and personal development of the students living in the selected community by allowing students with common interests to live together in a supportive environment. Learn more about our Special Interest Housing options.