UTSA Housing Move-In/ Move-Out


Summer 2024: Move In

Students that complete a Full Summer application move in date will be May 24th. Check In will take place at the Laurel Village front office from 9am - 4pm.

Second Summer Session move in date will be July 1st.


Summer 2024: Move Out

Students that live on campus for the summer term with us move out will be August 7th. 


Fall 2024: Move In

Move in will be August 20th - 23rd. There will be more information regarding Fall move in during the summer. Below is the final schedule that each property will be moving in on. 

Tuesday, August 20th                                                                        Alvarez Hall (1st & 3rd)                                                                  Guadalupe Hall                                                                                  Chisholm Hall Bold Scholars

Wednesday, August 21st                                                                  Alvarez Hall (2nd & 4th)                                                                    Chisholm Hall                                                                                    Chaparral Village

Thursday, August 22nd                                                                        Laurel Village

Friday, August 23rd                                                                        Chaparral Village

Move Out

You must check out by 12:00 noon the day following your last final examination during the Contract Period or by noon on the day after the close of the Contract Period.

If you fail to follow the University’s check-out procedures at the end of the Contract Period or within 24 hours after you withdraw from the University, prior to the end of the contract period, you will be charged the Daily Room Rate plus assessed three (3) times the Daily Room Rate for each day until you follow such check-out procedures or the University removes your property from the room.

  • Clean and empty the unit of all personal items - Remove any items you brought with you or are trash.
  • Once you have emptied your belongings and are ready to depart, leave your room access card on your desk and we will retrieve it when we inspect your room following your departure.
  • Close your bedroom door so it cannot be accessed prior to our staff inspection.
  • Vacate the unit and make sure the unit door is closed and secure behind you.

After emptying and cleaning your unit, once you have vacated, please complete the Express Check-Out form here. You may also scan one of the Express Check-Out QR Codes posted in the residential area using the camera on your smartphone.

Failure to follow the check-out procedures will result in a $75.00 Improper Check-Out Fee.

Failure to clean your sleeping/shared space may result in housing charges being added to your account.
Below is a listing of chargeable items of damage that will be assessed in the event your room/unit is left unattended to:

  • Cleaning Kitchenette $75 (Prices per unit and will be divided by number of roommates)
  • Cleaning Living Room $50 (Prices per unit and will be divided by number of roommates)
  • Cleaning Bathroom $75 (Number of roommates will divide prices per unit and)
  • Cleaning Bedrooms $50 (Number of roommates will divide prices per unit and)
  • Painting Walls $75 (Price is per wall and will be divided by number of roommates)
  • Painting Ceiling $50 (Prices are per ceiling, per room and will be divided by number of roommates)
  • Blinds (Prices vary based on size and will be divided by number of roommates unless it is a replacement in a bedroom)
  • Carpets (Prices vary on size and whether it is a cleaning or replacement)

Other repairs and replacements are subject to cost and labor charges. These prices are to be used as a guide. They are subject to change without notice. The amount charged will be determined on a case-by-case basis. The charges are not all inclusive.

Similar to the move in process, you are allowed a maximum of 2 visitors to assist you with removing your belongings.

First make sure that your room is fully packed and ready to be transported to your vehicle before checking out a bin. Once ready to move your belongings, you may visit the front desk with your driver's licenses which you must leave with the front desk staff to receive a blue bin. When the bin is returned, your licenses will be returned. The bins are only available Monday-Friday 8am-5pm.

Failure to return the bins in original condition will result in a $150 fee.

If you have signed a summer contract, please check out of your space and return for the summer check in date. If you are unable to do so, you will need to request a late departure with an explanation of your situation. The deadline for the request is April 30. Requests are not guaranteed to be approved and are subject to the discretion of the housing department. 

If approved, there will be a daily rate assessed for the two week period between terms.

If you graduate at the end of a semester, you may stay in your assigned room without additional charge through the date of the University commencement. You must notify Housing and Residence Life staff via email prior to November 1st for Fall graduates, and April 1st for spring graduates. You must follow the University’s check-out procedures by 12:00 noon the day following commencement, and if you fail to check out by such day, you will be charged the Daily Room Rate plus assessed three (3) times the Daily Room Rate for each day until you check out.

If a resident moves out prior to the other residents of that unit, residents can request to document the condition of the common areas. An agreement between all the residents should be reached to determine who is responsible for any damages or potential cleaning charges. If no agreement is reached or no documentation exists to guide the decision-making process, charges will be divided between all residents of the area. An incident report along with any necessary maintenance requests should be completed to document check-out conditions or agreements between residents.

The entirety of the contract amount will remain regardless of the date you checked out in accordance with the agreed upon contract.


Email move-in or move-out questions to us at studenthousing@utsa.edu.