Laurel Village is one of UTSA’s apartment-style living communities.

It includes fully furnished two-bedroom and four-bedroom suites with a shared living area, kitchenette and bathroom. They include private bedrooms with extra-long twin beds.

Laurel Village is close to the Student Union and the academic core of campus.

It has Neighborhood Centers that include a full kitchen, billiard and foosball tables and a laundry room. They’re popular places for residents to hang out, cook dinner together, hold meetings and events, or just chill.

Room Layouts and Features

2 Housing Options

Two-Bedroom Units (529 sq. ft.)

Laurel Village 2 Beds Floorplan

Private bedrooms, full bed in each (overflow has 2 twin beds), one bathroom per suite.

Four-Bedroom Units (928 sq. ft.)

Laurel Village 4 Beds Floorplan

Private bedrooms, XL-twin bed in each, 2 bathrooms per suite.

Included with each housing option

Semi-Private Bath(s)

Fully-furnished Living Room

Suite Kitchenette

Academic Year and Semester Rates

Academic Term (Fall & Spring):

 2 Beds, 1 Bath: $9,718

 4 Beds, 2 Bath: $8,952


Per Semester:

 2 Beds, 1 Bath: $4,859

 4 Beds, 2 Bath: $4,476


Academic Term (Fall & Spring):

 2 Beds, 1 Bath: $10,224

 4 Beds, 2 Bath: $9,418


Per Semester:

 2 Beds, 1 Bath: $5,112

 4 Beds, 2 Bath: $4,709

Room Measurements


Length: 11.5 ft.     Width: 9.5 ft.


Length: 10 ft.        Width: 6.5 ft.

Living Room:

Length: 14 ft.        Width: 9.5 ft.


Length: 11 ft.        Width: 6.5 ft.


Length: 7 ft.        Width: 3 ft.


Length: 4 ft.        Width: 2 ft.     Height: 3 ft.

3 Drawer Chest

Length: 32 in.        Width: 23 in.     Height: 30 in.

2 Drawer Chest (2)

Length: 30 in.        Width: 22 in.     Height: 30 in.

2 Drawer Nightstand

Length: 18 in.        Width: 18 in.     Height: 20 in.

Shelves in 2 Bedroom

Height: 1 ft.     Width: 2 ft.     Length: 7 ft.

Bedroom Window

Length: 58 in.     Width: 40 in.

Take a Virtual Tour

Check out our virtual tour of Laurel Village.

Featured Hall Amenities

No extra charge - included with Laurel Village rates.

All Utilities Included

Laundry Rooms

Neighborhood Centers

Two Courtyards

Basketball Courts

Apply for Housing

UTSA Housing applications for 2024-2025 Academic Year are available! Contracts will be available March 4th.